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Vergil S. Holland, 71, of Cynthiana, KY died on April 15, 2015, of complications of kidney cancer.

Author of "Herding Dogs: Progressive Training" and Founder of The Training Center For the Advancement of the Working Stockdog, Vergil was highly regarded for his training and teaching skills with border collies and handlers. He was a nationally recognized competitor and expert in his field. Vergil's gift was his ability to discern the unique temperament of each dog he worked with and to shape his approach to that dog accordingly.

Vergil is survived by his wife Annemarie Holland, daughter Regina Holland Dengler, son Lewis Holland, two sisters and five grandchildren.

A memorial service is planned for May.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Vergil Holland Memorial Fund  

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"As a trainer, I see a lot of people come through my gate for the first time. Some are trained competitors with trained dogs; some are trained handlers with new dogs; some are untrained handlers with trained dogs; and many have no training either on themselves or on their dogs. Over the years, watching this diverse group sort itself into hobbyists, short-term fans of the sport, or real "trial addicts," I have had the opportunity to discuss and think about what it is that hooks us, that makes us travel all those miles, start over again with all those dogs, and keep striving for that next high placing or, in rare instances, that next win. Part of what addicts us to trialing is the fact that a dedicated hobbyist with a good dog can, eventually, compete with the "masters," the stockmen and full-time farmers. Trialing has become less a test of endurance and more a test of precision, of training and teamwork, such that handlers with other primary occupations but who really put energy into practicing, training on different fields, trialing in as many different situations as possible, and learning from the professionals can present a real competitive threat even to the top handlers. Anyone can win, on a given day, with the right training foundation, the right dog, and the right set of sheep."

Excerpt from "Why Trial" by Vergil S. Holland

The Training Center in Paris, Kentucky offers private lessons, customized in-kennel training, and clinics/workshops for dog and handler teams at all skill levels. In addition, we offer started and trained dogs for sale as well as occasional puppies from select breedings.

Vergil Holland is the author of Herding Dogs - Progressive Training, which is available by contacting us, from Border Collies in Action, or from

We invite you to contact us at or 859-509-1293.
Visitors are welcome.

Vergil and Annemarie Holland